Hear from Public Safety and Forensics experts and peers on the emerging trends in 3D scanning for investigation purposes in crime, crash and fire.

Learn how to leverage the newest technology solutions for your particular application enabling you to quickly and easily solve your problem. Ask your questions live in the event!

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Smart 3D Workflows for Investigators

You can create some of the fastest 3D reality capture in the world, but it has limited value if the data captured is cumbersome and slow to process.This is not a smart approach in investigative workflows, where every minute and every detail counts.

Learn from FARO about SCENE 2019 an advanced, integrated software platform that takes laser scanning for investigators to the next level. Explore artificial intelligence used by our solutions to filter out moving objects, expanding the software’s flexibility and advancing workflow improvements.

Experience the fastest and smartest workflows for forensic investigation purposes.

What will you learn?

How to:

  • Process Your Scans Up to 50% Faster
    The laser scanner CPU is leveraged at nearly 100% of capacity and reduces scan processing time by up to 50%
  • Significantly Reduce Clean up
    Automated ghosting or easy removal of undesirable objects moving through a scene e.g. people or vehicles
  • Easily Merge Scans from Different Locations
    For example, in a crash reconstruction, a user can first scan the roadway where a crash occurred, scan the vehicles at the impound lot and then integrate the meshed point clouds in FARO Zone 3D

Who should download the webinar?

Professionals across the public safety forensics segment for crash, crime, fire and security planning.


Marcus Rowe L.C.G.I
Account Manager, Public Safety and Forensics, UK and Europe North at FARO

Previously the Senior Forensic Collision Investigator for Devon and Cornwall Police, where Marcus completed a 30-year career. Bringing across genuine “hands on” experience and skill sets to the Public Safety and Forensics vertical of FARO Technologies

Recorded Webinar is now available for viewing

Combining Laser Scans with Drone Footage for Efficient and Effective Investigations

Are You Using the Right Tools for the Job?

No two scenes are the same and each brings its unique set of challenges. They can happen day or night, in any weather, and with any number of other circumstances. You need a bird’s eye view for context but also a high-level accuracy for evidence capture. It needs to be complete, accurate, and at times done quickly to open roads faster, reduce time on scene, or to go to the next call. Sounds like a tall order, right? By using both laser scanners and drones, you can capture the scene efficiently and merge the data to create a complete view of the scene memorialized in 3D where you can revisit and analyze anytime.

Recorded Webinar is now available for viewing

Maximizing 3D Technology for Forensic Investigations

The world of investigation has changed – in the complexities of what we must analyze and in what constitutes a thorough assessment of the evidence. What if you could revisit a crime scene just as it was on day one, over and over again, the next day or even years later? Discover how to dramatically boost the ability to capture and share critical forensic investigative data through 3D capturing, analysis and presentation of crime scenes with Eugene Liscio, a well-known 3D Forensic Analyst and owner of ai2-3D, a consulting company that specializes in 3D forensic documentation, analysis and visualizations.